Eddie's Story

It was not supposed to happen, it was not possible, this was a man that was larger than life, figuratively and literally. We thought he was invincible, we thought the towers he loved so dearly were invincible.....but what we did not count on was the madness of modern day evil.


"Escape from Tower One" Book

"Escape from Tower One", the true story of Vinnie Borst, an employee of the Port Authority of NY/NJ, who survived the actions in the face of tragedy. He was a very close personal friend of Eddie Strauss. A third of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to two funds: The Edward T. Strauss Memorial Fund to assist those with disabilities and combat homelessness, and the Aspiring Kindness Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that provides financial assistance to support and enhance the abilities of emergency responders and service providers.

To purchase this book and assist both charities, please visit: www.escapefromtowerone.com.

Unable to say goodbye, Vinnie wrote a poem to Eddie on September 22, 2001 which is inlcuded in the book. We've added it to our News page.

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Who We Are

"With Eddie's Help", Inc. is a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation established in honor of Edward (Eddie) T. Strauss who was lost in the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Eddie was a courageous and generous person who spent a great deal of his time helping other people.

It's in his memory that we will devote our efforts to help others in his name, using the words everyone who knew him would say, with Eddie's help.

Local Man Gets a New Kidney with "With Eddie's Help"

"With Eddie's Help", Inc. helped a local New Jersey man get a new kidney. Read the article from the New Jersey Star Ledger and watch the inspiring video.

In His Honor
By Dad & Theresa

When tragedy strikes with all its might
Don't sit and ponder or let your mind wander

Jump into action finding satisfaction
Helping others after all, we are all brothers

As time goes by you'll realize
The good you've done by helping someone

It is not about fame and not about glory
We truly believe the best part of our story

Is doing it with pride and love in our hearts
For a man whose memory gave us our start

2003 "With Eddie's Help", Inc. All rights reserved.